“It’s always marvellous to come across an artist who’s making great waves in the industry through sheer talent, creativity and absolute professionalism. Edward Abela is one of those rare gems.”

– EVE interview

Edward Abela is an artist and composer with an agenda, wanting to redefine what the modern world sees as ‘classical.’ As with all genres of music, they develop over time and classical is no different. It has come a long way since the days of typical classical musicians like Beethoven and Mozart; it’s simply not like that anymore, but this is many people’s preconception of the style. Having worked as a composer for Warner-Chappell, Edward has developed a particularly cinematic style of composition whereby each of his pieces are highly imaginative, telling stories through the medium of sound. Abela’s style is championed by his instrument of choice, the piano, but the talented multi-instrumentalist also utilises sweeping sound effects and other delicate instrumentation to create ambient space within his work.



Links of London Ovals

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Benna Ricotta

Benna Butter

Boden: Harry Potter Line






My latest Single “Waltz in to Eden” is out on the 25th of this month! Under the label strangefruitsmusic. Can’t wait for everyone to listen #piano #pianist #beautiful #newmusic #instamusic #followme #instalovehttps://t.co/JwFHQ1iWq2

Little throwback to my launch gig for Echoes. Packed out the house on Neoclassical Music big thanks to everyone who came and joined in the experience. big thanks again to @jameshoste for arranging it &… https://t.co/SR3Xv9lwxP




Sofar Sounds

Steinway london